"Macaroni! This is stuff for carters. I don't eat macaroni, I am American"

Alberto Sordi, “An American in Rome”

Rome is the eternal city for art and food. Alberto Sordi's parody in Steno's famous macaroni movie is of Italian food, specifically Roman food. Walking through Rome connects its eternity of monuments and avenues with the 'eternal' flavour of Roman cuisine, with its 'infiltrations' of the hinterland, the shore, and all the dominions that have shaped its history. If we started from the very busy Via del Corso, we would undoubtedly stop at the first interesting gastronomic stage, Settimio all’ Arancio, a local historian who combines fish cuisine with that typically Judaeo-Romanesque the walk would then continue to Piazza Navona, where Bernini created unique sculptural and architectural elements, and then towards the colourful Campo de Fiori market, where, under the grim gaze of Giordano, you can enjoy a supplì or a pizza while standing on the Forno, also known as the namesake square, or you may dine in the Osteria da Fortunata or at Carbonara. After a quick stop at Piazza Farnese, you can continue towards the Vatican by crossing the Tiber to Castel Sant'Angelo, where, a few steps away from the imposing St. Peter's Square with its 'dome', just outside the Vatican walls, you can eat an insuperable raw fish dish with an unparalleled selection of oysters at Benito and Gilberto's, the latter of which will then advise you with which bubbly to wash down these goodies. It's time to visit another must-see attraction in Rome, the Trevi Fountain, where you may have an energizing aperitif at Baccano. If you continue to Piazza di Spagna, you will have the opportunity to visit the shopping (and food) district, where, perhaps on the morning before returning, you will be able to enjoy breakfast with some local pastry specialities and, of course, a good cup of coffee!

• Settimio all’Arancio’s outstanding artichoke alla

• Campo de Fiori, the market, and the oven are all nearby

• On the market square, a Carbonara

• St Peter’s ‘Dome,’ Vatican, based on a drawing by Michelangelo, arrives from Castel Sant’Angelo

• Few tables and a big heart in Via del Falco.

• By throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain, I believe I will return to Rome indefinitely.

• Aperitif at Baccano

• Piazza di Spagna by night

• A maritozzo (sweet bun with whipped cream), a cup of coffee, and farewell, Rome!