"They say appetite comes when eating, but in reality it comes when fasting!"

Antonio De Curtis - Totò

Naples is really a thousand colours, you travel far and wide, and it always looks different because it is made up of the people who live there, and it is never the same. From the Sanità district, where you can eat some of the best babàs of your life and the famous pizza from Concettina Ai Tre Santi or Starita, you can get a sense of where you are by walking down to Piazza Dante and stopping for a coffee (plus one suspended) at Caffè Mexico, which is right in front of the poet's monument. You have two options: either take your time and enjoy a fine cigar kept in a case made entirely in Naples, or go straight to the Spanish Neighborhoods to view the Pibe de Oro mural, linger among the market stalls or the antique bookshops in the square, and then visit the Veiled Christ in the Sansevero Chapel. After dining at Nennella's, you can stroll to the seaside and go to the market, have a seat at the famous Caffè Gambrinus, visit Castel dell'Ovo to look for Virgil's hidden egg, and then, after Posilippo, proceed to Cicciotto's in Marechiaro for some delectable fish. You can even make an earlier stopover at Terrazza Calabritto between San Ferdinando and Chiaia; however, you must eat a Neapolitan graffa at Ciro's in Mergellina while gazing at Vesuvius before leaving the city!

• Concettina’s or Starita’s pizza is the real city flavour

• In Piazza Dante, Caffè Mexico serves coffee and  

• The legend within the legend of Veiled Christ

• Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters) – Maradon Mural

• Trattoria Nennella’s Gastronomic History of Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters)

• Market, colours, flavours, and fragrances of a never-ending metropolis

• Cicciotto is a historic fish restaurant near the sea

• Terrazza Calabritto is a gourmet terrace

• Gambrinus