Journey from Milan to Paris by train

'Life is the train, not the railway station'

Paolo Coelho

Paolo Coelho was right. And actually, I did just that: I took a train from Central Milan to Paris Gare de Lyon, a cross-border journey with an all-Italian flavor.
Executive class coach. On some tables, scattered notebooks of a manager in full production anxiety for a PowerPoint presentation with a tight deadline. In my coach, I enjoyed the Carlo Cracco menu that offers a wide choice at any time of day, but you can always stretch your legs and go to the Bistrot coach and enjoy an all-Italian burger or a 'piadina' (almost) Romagnola.

• Trip in Frecciarossa leaving from Milan track number five

• On-board service with Amoretti and Laurent- Perrier toast.

• Escargot strolling around Saint-Germain in a quaint Bistro, Les Deux Magots.

• A bit of culture in a historic bookshop a stone’s throw from Notre Dame, the Shakespeare, and Company, where you can find a book to read in the little garden next to Square René Viviani.

• A wonderful dinner near the bookshop, extraordinary fish, and impeccable service at Le Vent d’Armor.

• A magnificent view of the city from the Georges Pompidou Centre.

• Unforgettable champagne at Ma Cave Fleury.

• A magnificent côte de bœuf at brasserie Le Pavè in the picturesque Marais district.

• A finale in music with the sparkling jazz group Nyouz in one of the unique venues on Rue de Rivoli, the 38Riv Jazz Club.