"I cannot live without champagne. When I win, I deserve it. When I'm defeated, I need it”

Napoleon Bonaparte

A mythological voyage, a tour of highly authentic maisons with many stories to tell. The journey begins at Avize, Domaine Jacques Selosse's home  , a place of great peace and exquisite gastronomy. But the first guest is Aurore Casanova, who greets us with her cheerful and boisterous geese. She has been producing her first musts since 2016, and her wines already have remarkable character, much like her a former opera dancer who comes home and meets Jean Baptiste,  with whom she combines life and vineyards in the village of Mardeuil, she Pinot Noir and he Chardonnay. A lovely love story about women, men, and grapes. We proceed to Flavigny and meet Adrian, a highly clever young man who recovers and enhances the family business, Dhondt Grellet, and transforms it into an outstanding Maison whose products are on the menus of the world's best restaurants. Now we're off to Reims to see the cathedral, and not far away, we meet Emmanuel Brochet, who is madly in love with his vineyard on the modest hill of Mont Benoît, 2.5 hectares of Chardonnay vines at the top and Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier at the bottom. Young plants grown alongside trees are over 60 years old, and the effect is remarkable and completely organic. Back to Avize for Jacques Selosse's final stop. Champagne was remade by Anselme Selosse. He is the forefather of a new generation of winemakers who have liberated this region from conformity. It opened the way of thinking about Champagne.
It uses natural agricultural methods, sometimes organic, sometimes biodynamic, without being bound by rigid criteria. He is a hard worker who is perpetually curious and continually questions himself. As a result, the bottles are already cultured, scarce, and concrete evidence of what is.

• Les Avisés are asleep while breathing Champagne

• Les Avisés is a restaurant where the fragrances of chef Stéphane Rossillon’s cooking rule supreme, with its strictly seasonal and local ingredients, and the sweetness of his wife, Nathalie, make the service exceptional.

• Casanova geese greet you in an exceptionally unique cellar with their unusual and noisy welcome.

• Dhondt Grellet with Adrien, who tells us about his family and surrounds us with his enthusiasm. IG: @adriendhondt

• Reims – The cathedral of Saint-Jacques and the Gothic is unaware of the passage of time and is almost there to note the rhythms.

• Emmanuel Brochet is known for his meticulous attention to detail, from labelling design to cellar structure. The passion for the bicycle and the brand-new manufacture of his gin. A truly unforgettable champagne. IG: @emmanuel.brochet

• La Grillade Gourmande in Èpernay serves delicious local cuisine

• Anselme Selosse and L’autre même

• “Religious” meetings in Èpernay…