Throughout my childhood, my favorite breakfast was bread and salami. This was the first definite indication of my love for simple things as well as for genuine ones. Because inside (and behind) a salami slice is not just what we see on the label but also a list of ingredients we can only speculate on, such as:

the love and value of generations of individuals who have produced this sausage that is so unique to the area where they reside

Farmers worked tirelessly season after season to grow and care for their livestock healthily and sustainably

Sausage producers who, by their
knowledge and experience,
have maintained a
traditional recipe

The restaurateurs and traders who deliver it in all shapes and sizes on the tables of restaurants or in our homes.

How to sense all this? Try holding a slice in your hand, close your eyes for a moment,
smell the fragance and imagine all this, all the history it carries.
Well, once you bite into the slice, this passion will inevitably become yours,
rubbing off on all those who will have the pleasure of sharing the table with you.