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We all live under
the same sky,
but we don't all have
the same horizon.

Strategic Communication


We start a coworking operation with the manufacturing companies, inspired by modern customers needs and trends.

We help our clients to rediscover the motivations that led them to their choices and the inspiration that led them to challenge the market.

As the ideas flow and the passion for the projects renews, the first phase of the project takes shape.



We propose and share an international market launching strategy, based on our partner’s real necessities.

Planning and organizing the road ahead allows us to satisfy customers needs and expectations: to get results it is important to always be aware of the how, when, and where. A business plan helps to define the market to operate on, the target to reach and the budget splitting for each of the project phases.



We design with our clients product ranges that guarantee respect for the tradition of their products and an innovative offer on the market.

Once the phases and times of realization have been decided, the project is developed and acquires value: balancing out the company and the customers needs is our objective.



We assist our clients in selling products alongside or by replacing their sales networks.

The project is designed according to the local and international reality.

We guide you to a new target market, opening new doors and intervening where your sales networks need an innovative support.
We are by your side, always.



The distance doesn't matter: it’s only the first step that is difficult.



The road is easier when you know where you’re going.



Enjoy the ride and the view will be even better.



Now that you’re enjoying the view, look at the horizon.



We make connections easier between our network partners, retailers, producers, strategists, and designers.
We establish trustful relationships between producers and distributors by providing answers to customers needs.
Faced by a multitude of markets, finding one’s own corporate identity is the key to success.
Food360 offers you the key to your market.

We don’t sell what the company produces, we create what the market demands.
Angelo Bondi (Founder and Manager)

Problems Solution

We provide solutions to those in need of a more effective
representation of their products.




Imagine the problem as if it was in front of you, not above you.


Let the ideas flow, find inspiration,
follow your passion.


Share your experiences with those who already went through them, take advantage from this and continue your research.

Cubo di Bondi




Transform your problem in a creative opportunity: it could involve a few risks, but could also give you great advantages.


Mentally replace the current one with another: “opportunity” or “challenge”

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Communication starts
not from the mouth that speaks,
but from the ear that listens.


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